riverhisThe Winona State University Retiree Center will offer the non-credit course “Mississippi River History” as part of Senior University 2015 from 2:30 to 4 p.m. Wednesdays, Oct. 7 to Nov. 4, in Minne 109.

The multi-media course will present some of the “highlights” from the semester-length course instructor Greg Schmidt teaches on the history of the Mississippi River. Participants will learn about the Mississippi River in American History as a natural force, an artery of commerce, and as a source of creativity in American literature, art, and music.

The course is $40. Registration is available online.

Senior University is open to all people of retirement age in the Winona community. The program is a series of non-credit short courses that are peer-led by WSU faculty, retirees and community members. The goal is to provide intellectual and cultural stimulation and growth for lifelong learners. Courses cover current events, history, philosophy, science, art, poetry and literature.

For more information contact Jessica Kauphusman at 507-457-5565.

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