CCNWinona State University will take part in the Campus Conservation Nationals Feb. 10 through March 3.

The main focus of the competition is to raise awareness on how simple it is to reduce our individual and collective carbon footprints. WSU will host a competition to see which residence hall can save the most water and energy. The competition begins with a three-week baseline of water and energy usage per residence hall. Then, during the three-week competition, residents are provided with tips and tools to help reduce energy and water usage. Usage information is recorded, and a percent reduction in energy use is calculated to determine which hall wins the competition.

Campus Conservation Nationals is the largest electricity and water reduction competition for universities and colleges around the world. Now in its fifth year, CCN gives a common voice and motivation to thousands of students across North America, all working together to reduce consumption and mitigate the impacts of climate change. It is jointly organized by the U.S. Green Building Council, Lucid, National Wildlife Federation, and Alliance to Save Energy.

More information can be found on the Campus Conservation Nationals website.

For more information on the WSU competition, contact Jeanne Franz at