For Tyler Kobienia, the Winona State University experience is all about the people.

The St. Cloud, Minn., native arrived in Winona to find a picturesque setting and a close-knit community that welcomed him, supported him, and encouraged him to be the best version of himself.

“Approachability is a hallmark of most individuals here, and their willingness to extend a helping hand is commendable,” he said. “Undoubtedly, WSU is a vibrant learning environment where everyone shares a common aspiration for success.”

After initially considering a path in nursing, Kobienia was drawn to the general engineering program.

“WSU boasts a prestigious engineering program led by knowledgeable and approachable professors,” he explained.

The general engineering program provided the skills and knowledge Kobienia needed to be successful academically, then went the extra mile to prepare him for lifelong success.

“WSU has played a pivotal role in my post-graduation success,” he said. “The campus resources provided invaluable support in enhancing my resume and establishing connections within the industry.”

Not only that, Winona State contributed to his personal growth, said Kobienia, helping to guide the kind of person he wants to be in the world.

“Winona State University instilled in me the values of making a difference, continuous learning, respecting others, and realizing that with determination, any goal is achievable,” he said.

After graduation, Kobienia plans to pursue a career as an Electrical Field Engineer at Blattner Energy. He will be actively involved in designing, constructing, and maintaining Solar, Wind, and Battery Storage Systems.

As a proud graduate of Winona State University, I am well-prepared and eager to enter the workforce. My time at WSU has equipped me with a diverse set of skills, and I am enthusiastic about showcasing these talents in the real world.

Tyler Kobienia

Commencement Speaker, Winona State University