On Friday, groups of students huddled around their tables in anticipation for the next set of trivia questions, while quickly and quietly discussing answers in hopes of advancing to the next round.


During the Kryzsko After Dark event, Winona State students participated in everything from an intense game of trivia and Bingo to an embroidery class and a speed painter, among other events. Hosted by the Warrior Entertainment Network, students swarmed on Friday looking for different activities in every corner of the Kryzko building.


The event was just one of the ways the Warrior Entertainment Network is helping students ease back into on-campus events.


“We are trying our best to be optimistic and not let the pandemic stifle our ideas for events,” explains Nicole Feiner, Director of Kryzko After Dark. “We just have to make modifications to fit the limitations,” 


Especially during pandemic times, it has been a top priority of the Warrior Entertainment Network to provide fun and safe event options for students on campus and in the area. 


“Our club exists to give students a fun outlet outside of academics to experience college life and all that Winona State has to offer,” Feiner said.


For many, the event brought a reprieve. 


“It was so nice to be back on campus and interacting and hanging out with people you don’t normally talk with,” Tori Gowlland, an attendee of Kryzko After Dark said. “It felt like old times.”


Attendance in campus events, such as Kryzko After Dark have seen an increase. With students craving social escape, the Warrior Entertainment Network is hoping attendance of such events stays at an all-time high even after restrictions are lifted, Feiner said.


Extra precautions have been put in place to comply with the CDC guidelines including frequently cleaning surfaces, distancing between participants and quick response contact tracing forms. Feiner explains that they feel lucky they are even able to host such events for students as they know many clubs and organizations have opted out of campus events for this school year.


“I think it’s great that they are still putting on these events,” Gowlland said. “You can tell it matters to the students that come here, especially the freshman.”


Upcoming events put on by the Warrior Entertainment Network include:

Tuesday, March 16th: Grocery Bingo 

Thursday, March 18th: Comedian Lavell Crawford  

Wednesday, March 24th: Jeopardy Night

Saturday, March 27th: Bowling Night