In 1996 Theresa Pearson walked across the stage at Winona State University and graduated with an English degree with a writing emphasis. Fast forward to 2018, and Pearson has just been named Teacher of the Year by the Winona Education Association

Pearson teaches English at Winona Senior High School, where she first started student teaching. She is heavily involved in both the WAPS and Winona communities and holds numerous volunteer positions. In addition to being a full-time teacher with Winona Area Public Schools, Pearson is a lifelong learner as well, continuing her own education with advanced placement courses at Carleton College every summer. When Pearson isn’t in the classroom, volunteering, or learning herself, she is at home with her husband and kids.

Pearson expected to have a demanding career as a teacher when she signed up for the job 22 years ago. She knows that each and every student deserves all of her effort, every single day. But to her, it’s all worth it.

“This is what it means to be a teacher. To be a guide. To be a mentor. To strike a match in the dark,” Pearson said. “It falls to me to build a relationship of trust, equality, and understanding with such precious little time.”

You can read more about Pearson and her award in the Winona Post article “Pearson named Teacher of the Year.”

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Jake Leskovar

Jake is a Public Relations Major with an Advertising Minor who has a passion for writing from Madison, Wisconsin.