The Winona State University Spring Class of 2017 includes nearly 1,200 stories of success, including 450 students who are the first in their family to obtain a four-year degree.

Click below for a sampling of WSU success stories, from students who epitomize what it means to the live the WSU mission: a community of learners improving our world.

Nasro Abbas

Major: Pre-Law/English

“I am proud to graduate from WSU because I think this university really lives up to its ideals. WSU’s motto ‘a community of learners improving our world’ is more than just a catchy tagline, there is absolute truth behind it as I have personally seen it in action.”

Angela Asare

Major: Cell and Molecular Biology

“(WSU) was my first home, away from ‘home,’ so it has taught me independence. It is such a beautiful community, and I am glad I got to learn and grow in such a peaceful and serene environment.”

Ashlyn Crawford

Major: Legal Studies – Paralegal

“Winona State University is where people come to find out who they are. I’m proud of the work my university does and the opportunities here that helped me be successful.”

Katya Hoffman

Major: Composite Materials Engineering

“I am proud to graduate from a university that prioritizes its students, and I am proud to graduate from a university that has somehow managed to feel like a second home. I know I will always feel welcome whenever I come back to visit WSU.”

Kelvin Landherr

Major: Music – Piano Performance/Music Education

“My favorite part of my experience at Winona State University was the people I met and the community I was able to be a part of. Overall, I really felt like I mattered here at WSU, and I wasn’t just a number.”

Jonathan Moore

Major: Criminal Justice

“I am proud to have completed the best criminal justice program in the state, and that I am able to actually utilize what I’ve learned and carry it forward into my professional life.”

Mariah Mrotek

Major: Mass Communication – Advertising

“WSU has helped me to achieve my goals by presenting me endless opportunities to grow in my career. I have gained valuable leadership and teamwork skills that have helped me in achieving personal goals.”

Duc Nguyen

Major: Business Administration, Human Resource Management

“WSU has helped me every step of the way by providing academic resources such as the writing center and tutoring center. In addition WSU faculty has also helped me choose a career path as well as helping me find opportunities in the field.” Link:

Maria Hiyas Quelle

Major: Education (Paraprofessional to Teacher program)

“The most important thing WSU has reminded me in a big way, is that hard work pays off.”

Denver Robinson

Major: Nursing

“I am proud to graduate from WSU because it is recognized as a strong institution that builds responsible professionals.”

Marissa Williams

Major: Marketing

“I am proud to graduate from Winona State because I know that I received a great education and that I am fully prepared for the workforce. I will proudly wear my WSU purple every chance I get post-graduation.”