WeilerDanielle Weiler transferred to Winona State University in fall 2014 because the minute she stepped on campus, she felt at home.

“It wasn’t just that I chose Winona State, but it was like we chose each other,” Weiler said.

Weiler took advantage of the ample opportunities to get involved on campus, trying every club she could. She was elected to WSU’s Student Senate, participated in mock trial for over a year, and was part of WSU’s chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon as a legacy.

Her favorite memory at WSU is being part of Student Senate because of the change she was able to bring to campus.

“Having been elected right after transferring to Winona State, I immediately was immersed into a tight knit community of learners seeking to improve our world,” Weiler said. “I feel like I have truly been able to make a difference on campus and have given a voice to underrepresented views.”

Weiler graduates from WSU with a Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Studies focusing on pre-law. After graduation, she plans to work as a paralegal and eventually would like to attend law school because she hopes to be able to “ignite change by speaking out about the injustices in our society.”

It’s an idea that Weiler said WSU has helped her with.

“I am proud to graduate from Winona State because the focus has been not only improving ourselves as individuals, but also focusing on improving the world around us,” Weiler said. “Winona State’s dedication to making an impact on the communities we serve is something I am very proud of.”

When she walks across the stage to receive the diploma she has worked so hard for, Weiler knows she isn’t walking alone. She is carrying her WSU community with her.

“The most important thing that WSU has taught me is that no matter where I go in the world, I will always have a family and community here,” said Weiler. “The connections I have made at Winona State will extend far beyond my degree. When I’m no longer at WSU, I will still carry a part of it with me.”