HWProgrammingWinona State University’s Health & Wellness Promotion provides a wide range of educational and outreach activities to promote the health and well-being of WSU and Minnesota State College – Southeast Techical students. The program offers a series of outlets including educational sessions, workshops, volunteer and internship opportunities, and consultation and training.

Healthy Mondays and Wellness Wednesdays are hour-long weekly presentations on rotating health topics such as sexual health, consent, stress management, financial health, anxiety, and depression. Student Health & Wellness Advocates, WSU student organizations (FAN Club, RE Initiative), and expert WSU faculty and staff members regularly give presentations.

The goals of Healthy Mondays and Wellness Wednesdays are increasing knowledge of a topic or refining specific skills helpful to mastering the delicate balance of personal wellness. The programs are designed to be interactive and exciting and fun to attend.

Student Health and Wellness Advocates also host Health Huts, which are held 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. each Tuesday outside the WELL (IWC 138). These huts have rotating topics and are designed to be quick and fun opportunities to dive into specific topics from all seven dimensions of wellness. All members of the WSU community are welcome to attend.

Another service offered is the group-based alcohol awareness course, “Choices: Getting the Facts” and free online alcohol or tobacco assessments (E-Check Up To Go Programs). These are designed to help students who may be at risk for substance misuse disorders. Any student may self-refer to the course or assessments by contacting: healthpromotionga2@winona.edu.

Health and Wellness Services also publishes Wellzine, a student produced wellness magazine focusing on wellness issues important to college life.

The Student Health & Wellness Advocate Program, a student club, is comprised of approximately 20 WSU and Southeast Tech students committed to promoting wellness and healthy lifestyles by modeling healthy choices to their peers. The Health & Wellness Advocates act as a resource for campus and community through educative events and presentations as well as weekly service hours conducted in The WELL, IWC 138.

For more information, contact Kate Hansen KaEHansen@winona.edu.