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Winona State University will host “Honey Bee Social Immunity” with Marla Spivak at 7 p.m. Thursday, April 16, in the Science Laboratory Center, room 120.

The lecture will focus on Propolis, a plant-derived resin with antimicrobial properties that is collected by honeybees. Spivak is a professor at the University of Minnesota who specializes in behavioral patterns of bees. Her lab work focuses on how bees stay healthy through their social health care system. She is a MacArthur Fellowship recipient and speaker on a 2013 Ted Talk entitled “Why the Bees are Disappearing.”

Spivak’s visit coincides with Pollinator Week (April 13-17), sponsored by the WSU Sustainable Futures Theme and the Winona Area Pollinators.

For more information, contact Kim Evenson at KEvenson@winona.edu.

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