15034713735_0c96d115a2_kStarting the week of March 9, Winona State University will begin restoration efforts on its campus arboretum.

The restoration initiative will include the removal of 31 dead or dying trees as well as major pruning of trees on all three campuses and work on upgrading the turf, flower beds, mulch and irrigation system. The work is scheduled to take place now through the end of spring semester.

“While the restoration may alter the current face of the campus arboretum, our mission remains the same: to provide an environment that supports public enjoyment, education, recreation and research,” said Gerald Landby, Landscape Services and Arboretum Director. “These efforts will help maintain and preserve our campus arboretum for future generations of students, employees, alumni and friends of WSU.”

WSU recently earned the designation of Tree Campus USA, recognizing its efforts to promote healthy trees and engage students and employees in conservation efforts.

For more information, contact Landby (glandby@winona.edu) at 507-457-2719 or Kimberly Evenson (kevenson@winona.edu), Land Steward, 507-457-5287.