Winona State University’s Sigma Tau Delta Scholar Series will host Elizabeth Zold presenting “Expanding the Domestic Sphere: Traveling Mothers in Eighteenth-Century England” at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 25, in New Center Conference Room.

Zold will discuss travel and motherhood’s incompatibility in eighteenth-century England. Maternal figures represented stasis, and mothers who traveled could be accused of moral dubiousness, neglect or abandonment. Zold argues that there are women travelers whose journeys are enriched rather than hindered by their status as mothers.

Zold’s research primarily focuses on eighteenth-century travel narratives and women’s life writing. Her teaching and research often intertwine with one another, and she has an article appearing in the journal Pedagogy on the use of Second Life, an online virtual platform, to help teach eighteenth-century travel literature.

There will be a questions and answer session after the presentation.

For more information, contact Amy Pearson at

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