Dave Dennis from his websiteWinona State University will host freedom rider, political proponent and educational innovator David J. Dennis at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 20, in East Hall, Kryzsko Commons.

Dennis will discuss his participation in the Freedom Rider Movement from 1960-1965 and how he believes it has impacted the world today.

Dennis dropped out of college in 1961 to commit fully to the Freedom River Movement. He organized many challenges and sit-ins during the Civil Rights Movement, such as challenges to the Mississippi Democratic Party in 1964 and sit-ins and demonstrations in New Orleans.

In 1992, Dennis joined Bob Moses to work on the Algebra Project, which reformed the American education system, and he continues that work today.

This event is sponsored by the WSU Inclusion and Diversity Office, Minnesota State College Southeast Technical and WSU’s KEAP Center and Council and Black Cultural Organization.

Dennis will also speak at Winona Senior High School earlier in the day.

For more information contact Alex Hines at ahines@winona.edu.