15223326384_5690b00986_oOlivia Wulf believes “college is about more than courses.”

Getting involved on campus, experiencing the arts, and having fun with friends were all integral parts of her Winona State University experience. Her favorite WSU memories include traveling overseas to London for a travel study course through the English Department, performing on stage with the RunnerUp Comedy Troupe, and organizing a midnight snowball fight with friends to kick off the winter season.

“Life is about more than a GPA. Don’t take yourself too seriously.”

The Appleton, Wisconsin, native said her decision to attend Winona State University was clinched after visiting the Darrell W. Krueger Library. “All other campus libraries were ruined for me,” she said. She also fell in love with the welcoming campus, thriving arts community, and the multitude of programs WSU had to offer.

Wulf made full use of the opportunity to explore her diverse passions at Winona State, and will graduate with a major in English and minors in theatre and arts administration. Her passions also are reflected in the student clubs she joined, as well as in her status as one of the founding members of WSU’s English Club, YAWP!

“WSU gave me the opportunity to pursue majors and minors that relate to what I’m passionate about,” Wulf said. “Going forward, I know that my degrees will allow me to explore career opportunities I otherwise couldn’t have pursued. This school helped me build a strong foundation for my future.”

As Wulf prepares for graduation and all that comes after, she is eager to show the world who she is and what she has to offer. She hopes to find a job that incorporates everything she learned during her time at WSU, perhaps working in the education department of a theatre, pursuing dramaturgy, or teaching at the collegiate level.

“I had a lot of positive growing experiences at Winona State, and I am proud to share those experiences with the ‘real world’ once I graduate.”


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