WellnessWinona State University Health, Counseling and Wellness Services will present the following events the week of Dec. 1-5 in the Integrated Wellness Complex, room 138.

Healthy Mondays “Yoga for Newbies” will take place at 7 p.m. Monday, Dec. 1, in the Well (IWC 138). Join the Public Health Club for a hands and feet-on session of the basics of yoga.

Fit Stop will host “Winter Outdoor Recreation” 11 a.m. to noon Tuesday, Dec. 2, near the entrance to the Fitness Center in the IWC. The Outdoor Recreation Education Center (OREC) and WSU Health and Wellness Student Advocates will present an interactive resource table about tips on heading outdoors this winter.

Wellness Wednesdays will present “Color Me Calm” at 3 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 3, in The Well (IWC 138). WSU Health and Wellness Student Advocates will explore activities to help relieve stress, stress management tips and other resources.

Health promotion programming aims to increase awareness, knowledge and skills to sustain a healthy lifestyle. These programs are designed to challenge and provide personal growth and development for all Winona State University students. Event sponsors include Health & Wellness Services, The RE Initiative, and on Facebook, Student Health & Wellness Advocates, HERS Practicum, Counseling & Wellness Services, Semcac Clinic, Public Health Club, SHAG, FAN Club, Outdoor Recreation Education Center and Fitness & Wellness Services.

For more information, email Health Promotion Coordinator Kate Hansen at kaehansen@winona.edu.