CLASPThe Winona State University CLASP lecture series will host “Super infections are increasing: What can you do to prevent overuse of antibiotics?” with Kathryn Lammers and Carol Marchant at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 19, in Stark Auditorium 103.

The presentation will cover the growing problem of overuse of antibiotics and the consequences for humans, animals and environmental health. The issue has increased dramatically over the last decade, causing resistant bacteria to flourish and lowering the efficacy of many current antibiotics. Lammers and Marchant will discuss how to make a difference on an individual, community and system level through use of more sustainable methods.

Lammers is an assistant professor in the Nursing Department at WSU. She has degrees from Kent State University, Winona State University and University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. Lammers has been a practicing nurse for more than 30 years and served on many environmental taskforce initiatives. She was recently elected Lake Onalaska District Commissioner.

Marchant serves as an adjunct faculty member in the Special Education Department at WSU. She has taught special education for 25 years, working with children and adolescents with a wide variety of disabilities. Her undergraduate degree in psychology is from California State University, Los Angeles, and she has earned her master’s degree in special education from WSU. Marchant has special education teaching licenses in LD, EBD and DCD.

The lecture also will be broadcast via ITV to room ST 108, University Center Rochester.

For more information, contact Matthew Bosworth ( at 507-457-5009 or visit the CLASP website.