Winona State University is one of seven institutes partnered with the University of Salford School of Nursing, Midwifery, Social Work and Social Sciences in England to implement the Recognition of the Acutely Deteriorating Patient with Appropriate Response (EU RADAR) program.

EU RADAR is a two-week intensive program that uses multiple teaching methods, with an emphasis on simulation, and focuses on how to care for a patient whose medical condition is worsening. Nursing students learn acute nursing care and skills in a multicultural, multilingual environment.

“The EU RADAR program provides exposure to crises, high risk events, quick-thinking moments,” said Susan Zeller, associate professor of nursing. “The hope is that by experiencing this as students, they become stronger, better prepared nurses, which will result in even better patient outcomes.”

The EU RADAR program was recently named a finalist for the Nursing Times Emergency and Critical Care Awards to be awarded in October in London.

WSU nursing faculty have provided expert consultation regarding critical care content, planning and implementation since EU RADAR was first developed in 2012. WSU was the only American university in attendance at the inaugural EU RADAR program in 2013 Salford, England, with eight WSU nursing students and a faculty member representing WSU at the international level. Ten WSU students attended the 2014 program in Fulda, Germany.

For more information, contact Susan Zeller.

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