The Winona State University Women’s Rugby team, the Black Katts, is second in the nation after its second consecutive Final Four appearance in the Division II National Rugby Playoffs.

The Black Katts advanced to the National Championship game after defeating Quinnipiac 60-22 May 3, but were defeated 5-60 by Washington State in the final game. For the second year in the row, Winona State’s Black Katts have made the national final only to be beaten by a team destined for Division I competition the next year.

At the end of the match, Pete Steinberg, USA Women’s National Team Coach and current Penn State coach said, “Winona State is the best Division II team in the country.”

Next year, a talented group of juniors, sophomores and freshmen should keep Winona State at the top of the rankings, said Coach Roger Riley. A new national playoff format will see conference games and playoffs being played in the fall with the Final Four being played the weekend after Thanksgiving.

The Black Katts and coaches Roger Riley and Josh Krzewinski give special thanks to all the faithful spectators and sponsors.

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