WSU-2013-Stewart-ShawThe Winona State University Retiree Center will host the Senior University WSU course “The Philosophy of John Stuart Mill” 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. Mondays in March in Maxwell 257.

The instructor for the course will be Stewart Shaw, who served as WSU’s Registrar from 1990-2002. His research and philosophical writing focus on the literature of English-speaking philosophers of the 17th-19th centuries.

John Stuart Mill (1806- 1873) has been called the “most influential English- speaking philosopher of the nineteenth century.” He influenced understandings of individual liberty, what makes an action right or wrong, freedom of speech, the political equality of men and women, scientific method, and other important issues. In this course, Mill’s arguments will be discussed from different perspectives, along with how to apply them to contemporary social issues.

Tuition is $40. Registration forms are available from the WSU Retiree Center, or online at A reading list will be made available.

Senior University WSU consists of four to six-week courses with no tests, grades, papers or homework. Courses are taught by WSU faculty, retirees and community members. The courses promote continued life-long learning and personal, intellectual and cultural enrichment.

For more information, contact Ann Kohner at 507-457-5565, email