Transferring to a new school can be intimidating, but for Tayah Lee, it was absolutely something she knew she needed to do.

Going from a community college to Winona State University made her feel like she had joined a community rather than just a college.

An advertising major with a minor in English, Tayah started out as an education major, but realized she wanted to use more of her creative and artistic side in her professional life and advertising gave her the outlet to do just that.

“I decided to do the transfer process when I changed my major to Advertising and realized what I wanted my career to be,” Tayah said. “I also knew that Winona State has a great Mass Communications program that would help build my media skills.”

Transferring to a new college can be confusing and scary, but for Tayah, the strong support system at Winona State made for a smoother transition.

“Mr. Strege in Maxwell made my course selection easy, and he helped look through my transfer credits to create a plan to earn the rest of my degree,” Tayah said. “He also helped me pick my English minor to compliment my major that I already had credits for, and it’s been a super interesting combination of coursework!”

Tayah said the professors at Winona State helped her feel settled in her classes, the staff made her feel supported, and the students made her feel welcomed.

“I have loved my time at WSU,” Tayah said. “It has more of a community vibe than community college did, and everyone encourages each other in their work. I’m looking forward to graduating and getting a job in Advertising with all of the skills the Mass Communications department has taught me so I can make my own name in the industry.”