Many of Collen Dahle’s favorite memories of Winona State University center around the people and the places. 

“There were many challenges I went through to get my degree, one being self-doubt about getting through nursing school,” Dahle said. “But there has been so much support here within our community of learners. I could not have gotten through without my cohort, my friends, and especially not without my family and professors.” 

According to Dahle, the faculty at Winona State have been there every step of the way, giving advice, making connections, and setting him up for success after graduation and beyond. 

When I decided on Winona State, I picked a great nursing program to help make a difference in my patients’ world. Since being part of WSU’s nursing program, I have accomplished many things that other universities could not give me. Winona State is unlike any other.
Collen Dahle

Commencement Speaker, Winona State University

Dahle, originally from nearby Harmony, Minn., also developed a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of the Winona area, hiking the local trails and enjoying the river valley vistas when he needed to relax and unwind amidst all the studying. 

“One of my favorite memories is standing on top of Garvin Heights at night, looking over the City of Winona and the university,” he said. “Those moments hold a sentimental place in my heart.” 

His biggest piece of advice for other students is to take it easy. “Overstressing will make you sick. College is a challenge, but you’ll get through the tough lessons and make it out better than ever.” 

“One of the most crucial things I have learned is that opportunities always work out,” Dahle said. “It may differ from how you expect it or what you want, but life will always give you a chance.” 

After graduation, Dahle plans to work at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. His dream is to take his nursing license abroad eventually and practice in New Zealand.