Winona State University Department of Athletics and the Health, Exercise, and Rehabilitative Sciences Department recognized Dr. Richard L. Romeyn for his 25 plus years of service as Team Physician and Medical Director for the Athletic Training Education Program.

Dr. Romeyn was recognized at the WSU football game on Nov. 5. He was recognized for his quality care he provided the athletes and many hours that he spent educating the athletic training students.

“Dr. Romeyn has been a huge force in the success of our Athletic Training program,” said Shellie Nelson, WSU Athletic Training professor.

Dr. Romeyn “believed in creating a quality medical team that included Athletic Trainers. He knew that for him to provide the care he wanted to, he needed to surround himself with talented Athletic Trainers,” Nelson said.

“We became talented because he believed in us, he cared for us, and he supported us. He supported the profession at a time when most orthopedic surgeons considered us managers/tapers not medical professionals,” Nelson added.

Dr. Romeyn first started working with WSU athletes in 1990 as the Team Physician. He has spent numerous hours on the sidelines, seeing patients, and educating athletes, coaches and parents about injuries.

During the halftime presentation, the Athletic Training staff and faculty presented a framed picture of Dr. Romeyn to hang in the WSU Athletic Training Facility to honor his commitment to WSU athletics and education.

Dr. Romeyn was instrumental in gaining national accreditation for the Athletic Training Education Program. His guidance, teaching and support has made WSU’s Athletic Training program one of the best in the nation.

Many professors, staff, current students and alumni have thanked and shared memories about Dr. Romeyn and his impact to WSU athletics and education.

“Not many medical directors perform 12 to 15 lectures a year and educate students in the clinic, in surgery and on the sidelines,” said Athletic Training Program Director, Brian Zeller.  “Absolutely incredible,” he added.

Stacey Czaplewski, Head Athletic Trainer at WSU, had the privilege to work with Dr. Romeyn for the past 15 years. “The knowledge that Dr. Romeyn passed on to myself and many others is endless,” Czaplewski said.

Dr. Romeyn always believed and supported the athletic training profession and gave WSU athletes the best care possible, Czaplewski said.

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