16S Eng 220 SmallGroup Photo Large - 26493155721_77e1e27a19_bWinona State University now offers a new Bachelor of Arts minor in Ethnic Studies.

Ethnic Studies entails a multidisciplinary, intersectional approach to examining social identities, political ideologies, and institutions, with specific attention to understanding ethnicity, ethnic identities, and concepts of race.

Students in the Ethnic Studies Program will build analytical skills and language skills that enable them to thoughtfully consider issues of policy, equity, and the rights and responsibilities of citizenships.

“In addition to enabling students to become more knowledgeable citizens, this minor would benefit graduates seeking employment in fields such as communications, social work, and business,” according to Gretchen Michlitsch, who helped develop the program. “Employers like to know that those they hire can work with people from a wide variety of backgrounds.”

Many departments are involved with the Ethnic Studies minor including Political Science; English; Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; History; Nursing; Communication; Spanish; Sociology; Education; Global Studies; Social Work and Psychology.

Fred Lee, Ph.D., will direct the new program.

For more information contact Fred Lee at flee@winona.edu or Gretchen Michlitsch at GMichlitsch@winona.edu.