LyndaAs a first-generation student, Lynda Brzezinski fell in love with higher education.

“I greatly credit my mentors and professors for the path I have taken. Helping students is a way I can give back,” Brzezinski said.

Now a counselor and Certified Wellness Coach in Winona State University’s Counseling Services, Brzezinski presented “Balancing Life,” at Winona Health’s Way to Wellness Conference, in partnership with WSU and other area organizations.

Focusing on the stress that comes with everyday life, Brzezinski provided tools and insights into the “little” steps people can take to relieve stress and live well while living hectic lifestyles.

Living well has always been a career priority for Brzezinski, who said she does not have a specific research focus but is always interested in learning and educating others about wellness, especially when it comes to finding different ways to combat negative wellness.

“I always try to work with students on some of their habits that could be contributing to the issues they bring into counseling,” Brzezinski said. “I am also very interested in animal-assisted therapy and the power of animals to help heal. Winston is my therapy dog who comes to campus several days each week.”

Brzezinski received her doctorate from the University of Utah in Counseling Psychology. Before coming to WSU in 2000, she worked at the counseling center at the University of Utah for a year as part of an internship and at the Women’s Resource Center on the campus.

She tries to attend every WSU graduation ceremony because as a former first-generation student, she appreciates the hard work every student has done to get themselves to that point, especially the ones she helped get there.

For more information Brzezinski, contact University Communications at 507-457-5024.




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