21998163116_be53e59795_zWinona State University will host a group of government officials from the Basque Country in Northern Spain Tuesday, Oct. 20.

The Basque government representatives are visiting south central and south eastern Minnesota to investigate possible educational partnerships with engineering and technical programs, including WSU’s Composite Materials Engineering program.

WSU’s Composite Materials Engineering (CME) program was formed in the 1980s in response to the growing need for specialized composite materials engineers. The CME program in Winona is the only accredited undergraduate program in the U.S. WSU also supports a national composite testing center, COMTEC, which offers hands-on learning for students in the CME program and provides design and analysis, materials, characterization, testing and prototype manufacturing for local and regional composite companies.

The Basque group will tour the WSU Winona campus and WSU’s Composite Materials Engineering program facilities. The visit will also include an exhibition by local and regional industry partners, including RTP, Natural Process Design, Plasticomp and Strongwell, and a tour of We-No-Nah Canoe. The government officials will also meet with WSU faculty and administrators, and take a tour on WSU’s Cal Fremling floating classroom.

For more information, email Ted Reilly, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, at ereilly@winona.edu.