TRIOWinona State University has received funding from both the U. S. Department of Education and the Minnesota Department of Health to support first generation students, income challenged students, students with disabilities and student parents.

The Minnesota Department of Education has awarded Student Support Services (SSS), a TRIO program, $292,265 per year for the next five years, matched with $113,691 per year of institutional funds. The funding will be used in advising, tutoring, financial literacy, career advancement and other services that will improve academic standing, retention and graduation.

The Minnesota Department of Health has awarded WSU $242,000 for the next two years to continue to support and serve student parents on both the Winona and Rochester campuses. This program is designed to improve educational and health outcomes, while providing mother and father support groups, weekly lunches, referrals to service agencies in the area, creating events with other parents and their children in the WSU Child Care Center and limited emergency funds.

Funding is provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Gar Kellom, director of both programs, said the funding helps support the goals and initiatives of each program.

“We are so grateful that both programs will have continued funding into the future,” Kellom said. “The key to these programs is the dedicated staff that works with the student. Retention and graduation rates in both programs remain exemplary and support the theory that students who are involved in campus support programs enhance their chances of academic success.”

Since 1978, SSS has helped thousands of eligible students work to reach their goal of graduation through overcoming obstacles they have had to face into their lives. This recent funding award will carry SSS into its 40th year at WSU. For more information or to check eligibility visit SSS online.

The Student Parent Support Initiative provides a supporting community for pregnant and parenting students by providing resources to students to foster success and balance between work, school, home and family life. For more information visit this initiative online.

For more information on SSS contact Gar Kellom at

For more information on Student Parent Support Initiative contact Gar Kellom or new Assistant Director Debra Hammel at