Teach InWinona State University will pilot the inaugural Anthropocene Teach-In Oct. 27 through Nov. 7, in which faculty members across the university will engage in conversations in the classroom with students about climate change as part of the Sustainability Futures theme.

To help facilitate these conversations, a set of 5-10 minute videos of local experts talking about sustainable futures topics, on both the global and the local level, has been prepared. Topics include climate change principles, solar energy, changes in the Mississippi River, co-ops as a business model, native habitat, trees and energy efficiency.

The “Anthropocene” is used as a framework for discussion as it acknowledges the power human beings have as a geological force capable of altering the earth’s systems. A second Anthropocene Teach-In will be held during spring semester, Feb. 23 through March 6.

For more information visit the Sustainable Futures website or contact Joan Francioni at jfrancioni@winona.edu.