Carol Frost, Geoscience, Wyoming

The Winona State University Geology Club will host Carol Frost with “Fingerprints on Wyoming’s Rock of Ages: Clues to the Growth of Continents” at 4 p.m. Monday, Oct. 14, in Science Laboratory Center 120.

Frost will speak on the geological history of the Wyoming province. Similar to the Minnesota River Valley, Wyoming has some of the oldest rocks in North America. Frost will translate the earth’s 4.6 billion-year history into understandable episodes on the origin, growth and evolution of the North American continent. She will also provide the geologic context for the natural resources on which modern society depends.

Frost is a professor at the University of Wyoming in the department of geology and geophysics. She focuses on the origin and evolution of the continental crust, the provenance of clastic sedimentary rocks and granite petrogenesis. She has published more than 120 scientific papers, and was awarded her university’s highest faculty award, the George Duke Humphrey medal in 2008. She is the science editor for the Geological Society of America’s journal, Geosphere, and is a member of the Mineralogical Society of America.

Frost’s speech is sponsored by the Geoscience Earth Talk Series. It is free and open to the public.

For more information, contact Steve Allard at 507-457-2739.

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