Bruno Borsari

Winona State University professor Bruno Borsari will present as part of Pollinator Day Saturday, Aug. 24, at Hoch Orchard and Gardens in La Crescent.

Pollinator Day is a full day, hands-on workshop, featuring presentations by Karl Foord, University of Minnesota Horticulture Extension Educator, and Harry Hoch of Hoch Orchard and Gardens. A locally sourced lunch and dinner will also be available.

During the morning workshop session, Borsari will give an overview of the bee hive set up, tearing down an empty hive and discussing the components. This demonstration will include both the standard Langstroth hive and topbar. Borsari will also discuss and display small scale extraction, filtering and bottling equipment, and bring in some comb and extract honey. Hats and veils will be provided to observe an open beehive during the event.

As part of the on-farm dinner, Borsari will lead a discussion on the current status of wild bees, honey bees, and other native pollinators; and stopping the decline of native pollinators and honey bees.

For more information, contact Hoch Orchard and Gardens or visit the website.

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