The Winona State University Expanding Perspectives Series will host “No Word for Art” with Kathy Mouacheupao at 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 5, in the Science Laboratory Center Auditorium (SLC 120).

For Mouacheupao, art exists in every culture and community as a natural resource, and as a powerful tool for creating, challenging, and changing narratives.

Mouacheupao will share stories about how art has created a source of pride for her own cultural identity, shaped her worldview, and opened opportunities to build relationships with her community. Additionally, she will share how she supports the arts in return.


“I believe Mouacheupao will be able to share with our community the importance of art and how art can be used to express culture, people, and communities, and how art connects us,” said Nahla Lee, WSU Intercultural & Completion Coordinator.

The Expanding Perspectives Series aims to provide a diverse range of perspectives to promote the understanding and appreciation for the variety of cultures across our campus and in our community.

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