Teaming up monthly since last summer to collaborate, share information, and offer resources, Winona State University and Saint Mary’s University are working to tear down the perceived walls of being in competition which each other.

A recent team effort to clean up Winona was just one of the ways WSU and SMU are turning their teamwork into action.

Alumni from WSU and SMU, along with affiliates with Home & Community Options, participated in a street cleanup to help beautify Winona. While the mission was a basic one of cleaning up any trash that is found on Second and Third streets, the added goal was to bring together alumni from the two universities and build connections based on their similarities — while at the same time making the city proud of its universities.

“Winona is our home and we want Winona to be proud of the campuses that are here. This is about taking down those walls and making Winona a better place and doing it together,” said Tracy Hale, director of alumni engagement.

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Tesla Mitchell

Named after the 80's rock band, Tesla Mitchell has a decade of experience covering local news and features as a journalist in Winona. A Saint Mary's University alumna, Tesla graduated with a bachelor's degree in Journalism with an emphasis in political science and entrepreneurship. During her free time, Tesla enjoys organizing block parties, being a super mom and an avid heavy weightlifter.