Four WSU students thought up a special and unique way to help get animals adopted at the Mower County Human Society. “The Underdog Project” was conceived by Robin Hoodhouse, Kiri Sannerud, Megan Cichosz and Brittany Huisman who set to bring awareness to animals in need of adoption by creating art, specifically portraits.

The foursome understood the need for companionship, especially during this time. “…we were thinking about all these people that were feeling isolated and lonely,” Woodhouse said in an interview with the Austin Daily Herald. “We all have these pets helping us through it.”

Taking the feelings they get from their own pets they adapted that and applied it to their project. 12, eight by eight canvases of pets they chose are currently at the Mower County Human Society where they can be displayed or given to adoptive parents as a keepsake.

The humane society is often forced to handle an overcrowding of cats. However, they have seen a sizable decrease in numbers, dipping as low at 80 cats when just before the shutdown they were close to 138.

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All image credits to Eric Johnson, Austin Daily Herald.