With the experience of living in multiple different countries, Reggie Martin has seen inequity and equity in the workplace firsthand.

He also knows a thing or two about culture shock. Martin moved from the east of Chicago to Winona State University in the 90’s and later to Turkey and now resides in China.

In each place, Martin, a graduate of WSU ’97, added to his toolbox lessons and tips on how to advocate for equity for oneself and others.

Martin, now an Associate Director and VIP/Celebrity Relations representative, will share his experience, tips and lessons during the “Equity in the Workplace Symposium” on Feb. 17.

To expand on the topic and speak from a different perspective, Martin will be joined in an earlier session of the symposium, by a group of three expert panelists who will speak on topics of hiring, creating an inclusive work environment and informing candidates on how best to approach questions regarding workplace equity. Both sessions will be on Zoom starting at 5:15 p.m. with the second session starting at 6:30p.m. The symposium is open to the public however, spots are limited.

“Creating organizations and workplaces that live out the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion are better for all of us and establishes stronger, more productive organizations” explains one of the panelists, Becky Evan who is an assistant professor of management at Metropolitan State University.

Evan will be joined by Dawn Kirchner, a diversity recruitment specialist at Mayo Clinic Rochester, and Jerad Green, a diversity, equity and inclusions specialist at Hennepin County District court.

“We spend many hours in our workplaces,” Evan said. “And it should be a place where we can be our best selves.”

Martin, who is the cofounder of the American Chambers of Commerce in Macao and the U.S. Warden for the American Consulate, said confronting or advocating for equity requires a level of honesty, communication, and faith.

“You will go through trials and tribulations but through all of those there will be light at the end of the rainbow, so continue to have faith in yourself and continue to move forward,” Martin said.

Between Martin and the panel of experts, they hope to give attendees tangible tips that will impact their future.

“I hope attendees walk away with a meaningful understanding of how to research companies and prepare for an interview that is in alignment with one’s individual values,” Evan said.

Grab Your Tickets!

Pre-registration for the symposium is required. To register follow the links below:

Session one from 5:15pm to 6:15 pm on Wednesday, Feb. 17


Session two from 6:30pm to 7:30 pm on Wednesday, Feb. 17