As we move through this academic year, these projects are a testament to Winona State University’s commitment to its community.

With clear goals ahead we now have our roadmap for 2023-2024.

Vision 2035

Building a vision for Winona State University focused on what the future state of 2035 will look like will provide direction for the University and will become a shared commitment among University shareholders.

We already know a few things about WSU.

We have a mission: “A Community of Learners Improving Our World.”

Winona State University has a set of core values:

  • Student Learning – Create and sustain a coordinated and rigorous set of learning experiences inside and outside the classroom to prepare students for their post-graduate life
  • Student Success –Enhance the student experience while evolving to meet the needs of future students by providing comprehensive support programs and services so that students can successfully meet their goals
  • Stewards of Place and Resources –Enhance a culture of learning and stewardship of resources at Winona State University to prepare students to become responsible citizens and community members
  • Inclusive Excellence – Increase diversity in the University community and embrace a culture of inclusive excellence
  • Relationships – Strengthen internal and external relationships by promoting an environment that enriches Winona State, Winona, and Rochester community constituents

These items serve as a shared foundation from which to build our university vision this fall. Our next steps as a campus include:

  1. review research of our environmental scan and trend analysis
  2. engage as stakeholders (that is all of you) to get your perspectives and insights
  3. communicate and iterate a proposed vision with the campus community

Later this week I will provide the campus community with an initial environmental scan and trend analysis. Starting with University Improvement Day Oct. 3 and continuing through the month of October, Vice President Jon Olson will lead the campus in a conversation about the future of the University.

Let’s begin this journey of discovery as we plot our course together towards 2035!

University Projects for 2023-2024

As shared at the University Welcome and campus Meet and Confers, the University Projects for the current academic year have been mapped out.

These projects have been categorized into four main areas, highlighting the university’s determination to address both existing challenges and new opportunities. Let’s explore each of these categories.

University Workplan Goals 2023-2024

Four initiatives fall into the Workplan Category. An email was sent earlier expanding on these projects.

Winona State 2035 - University Vision

With an eye on the future, Winona State will establish a clear institutional vision for the next decade.

University Non-Academic Unit Benchmarking

To ensure the administrative and operational units function at peak efficiency, Winona State is focusing on benchmarking exercises, comparing its non-academic functions to other comparable institutions.

Student Life Plan

Recognizing that holistic education goes beyond the classroom, the university is devising a comprehensive strategy to enhance the on-campus student experience.

Online General Education Program (GEP) & Degree Pathways

Embracing the digital age, the university aims to provide students in our online undergraduate programs a pathway through the general education program via WSU online courses exclusively.

Minnesota State System Office Goals

As part of the larger Minnesota State System, Winona State aligns its objectives with overarching goals:

  • Equity 2030: A passionate commitment to ensuring that every student, regardless of their background, has equal opportunities and resources
  • NextGen: This project focuses on integrating technology-driven business solutions and ensuring that Minnesota State remains competitive with its technological infrastructure
  • Transfer Pathways: To make transitions smoother for students, Winona State will work on creating clearer, more effective transfer pathways between institutions

Carry Forward Work Plan Goals 2022-2023

Acknowledging the importance of continuity, Winona State is also carrying forward crucial projects from the previous year.

Future of Work

This project puts emphasis on the ever-evolving work landscape and ensures that WSU is prepared for the future of work.

Organizational Culture

Following up on the Campus Climate Survey, the university is taking actionable steps towards fostering a more inclusive, positive, and productive organizational culture.

Student Success Promise Taskforce Recommendations

Implementing recommendations from this taskforce is paramount to ensuring that student success remains at the center of our actions.

High-Level Institutional Awareness

Understanding the complexities of running a large institution, the university has outlined 12 high-level projects.

These range from ensuring fiscal responsibility through Budget Interventions and Hiring Reviews, to meeting our obligations to the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) with Academic Assessment.

Also, efforts like Admissions and Marketing/Communications Alignment and Title IX Reviews signify the institution’s dedication to moving the institution forward in a meaningful and productive way.