IWC now offering Workout Buddies

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013
Sam Ziemke and Mike Brasch use the buddy system. HANNAH JONES

Sam Ziemke and Mike Brasch use the buddy system.

Michelle Peterson/Winonan

With bright lights, three levels and students constantly on the go, the fitness center can be intimidating. That is why the Health and Wellness Advocates created Workout Buddies, a free program that gives students a buddy to workout with.

Shawnessy Mohawk, health and wellness promotion assistant, explained there are two types of people when it comes to working out: those who prefer to go at it alone, and those who prefer to work out with a partner.

“Workout Buddies is dedicated to making it easy for individuals who prefer to work out with a partner to get out, get active, and interact with each other,” Mohawk said. The Workout Buddies program allows students who might be intimidated by the fitness center to break down the barrier that is preventing them from being active, Mohawk said.

Students can request workout buddies for running around the lake, participating in fitness classes, boating at the Lake Lodge Recreation Center or touring the fitness center. Workout buddies keep students company while they work out, but they are not personal trainers.

“They just serve as that friendly face or extra motivation for students when working out,” Mohawk said.

The health and wellness advocates are creating biographies of the workout buddies, including their majors and favorite fitness activities. This allows students to request a workout buddy with similar interests to theirs, making the workout session more comfortable.

Students who are interested in requesting a workout buddy can email

With only two dedicated workout buddies, the health and wellness advocates are looking for more people who would like to become a workout buddy. The Workout Buddies program does not require training. It simply requires workout buddies to agree on a time for exercise with a student. Contact Shawnessy Mohawk at for more information.


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[…] If you need some external motivation, just remember that your friends are likely MORE than willing to tell you when you are slacking. Working out with a friend can be much more fun than going alone, so it can be a great motivator that will help you stay on track. If you can’t find anyone, Health and Wellness Services has can hook you up with a workout buddy. […]

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