‘Oh! What a Lovely War’ performance in photos

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“Oh! What A Lovely War” summarized the historical events of WWI using parodies of popular songs of the time. It was performed at Winona State University from April 5-8 in the Vivian Fusillo Main Stage Theater. The script recites actual words spoken by public figures from different countries in Europe. Student actors learned how to converse in quick conversation in different dialects from…

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Winona State holds creative writing workshop

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Michaela Gaffke / Winonan Whether it is to work on playwriting skills, poetry or fiction and nonfiction, the River Arts Writer’s Workshop will hold sessions with experienced writers on Saturday, April 8. Participants can choose two of the four sessions to attend from 1 to 4:30 p.m. with a half hour break in the middle. The workshop will be on the second floor of Minne Hall. Playwriting is the…

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Interactive project challenges cultural views

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Olivia Volkman-Johnson / Winonan Optical illusions make viewers believe they are seeing an image as one thing, then challenge them to see it in another way. Similarly, professor Chun Lok Mah said he wants his newest art pieces to challenge viewers to see their cultural beliefs in a different way. The “WE”nona Project, an art installation created by Mah, debuted in the Paul Watkins Gallery…

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Dancescape 2017 in photo review

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Dancescape prepares for annual production

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Kilat Fitzgerald / Winonan The dance floor laid onstage, commonly referred to by its brand, Marley, bears the wear of the dancers’ rehearsals. All around Winona State University’s Performing Arts Center (PAC), collaborative efforts put on a memorable experience. Props and costumes form a quick-change process similar to a NASCAR pit crew. Designers work to give each dance a unique lighting…

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THAD thrives at festival invitational

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Michaela Gaffke / Winonan Seventeen students from Winona State University’s department of theatre & dance (THAD) returned home Saturday, Jan. 28, after a successful trip to this year’s week-long Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (KCACTF) in Des Moines, Iowa. Certificates of Merit were awarded to Casey Howe, a graduating senior, for lighting design and Jackson Ramsland,…

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Photo preview

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Ella Dierberger (right) and Ben Glomski (left) perform in the Winona State Theatre Department fall production of Jennifer Haley’s “The Nether.” The play is a sci-fi mystery that takes place in the future, with a twisted plot. The show focuses on a detective conducting a child sex abuse investigation in a realm within the Nether. “The Nether” won the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize in 2012.…

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Rapturous Decay Exhibition brings new art to campus

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Morghan Lemmenes / Winonan Art does not just have to be a drawing on a two-dimensional surface, or a sculpture of a bowl or a cup made out of a clay; it can be made out of felt and fill an entire room. This month the Paul Watkins Gallery is displaying Liz Miller’s Rapturous Decay Exhibition, which transforms the space by using felt and the color of her work alone to create a very intense…

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Winona State alumnus Thomas Sonneman plays the role of King Arthur and introduces his Knights of the Round Table in “Spamalot” during the last dress rehearsal Tuesday, Oct. 18. (By Lauren Reuteler)

“Spamalot” gallops through Winona

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Elizabeth Pulanco / Winonan In the October of an election year, an escape from the near-winter temperatures and constant election coverage on the news is something that is hard to find. From October 19-23, Winona State University’s department of theatre and dance was able to provide this escape with their production of “Spamalot.” “Spamalot” is a musical based off of the film…

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Guest choreographer Daniel Stark shares tips and tricks on how to perfect on stage movements during a dance seminar in Memorial 300 on Thursday evening. (Photo by Zach Bailey)

Annual THAD event invites guest choreographers

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Jose Herrera / Winonan Dancescape is a big part of Winona State University’s history. What makes Dancescape interesting is its alternate themes from year to year, with nothing borrowed from past Dancescapes. This fall, Winona State will be featuring guest dancers and choreographers Erin Drummond and Dan Stark, both of which achieved Masters of Fine Arts (MFA). Dancescape is an annual…

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Heirloom paintings showcase Winona History

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Michaela Gaffke / Winonan The Winona County Historical Society is showcasing “Preserved in Paint,” catching a glimpse into the history of Winona through paintings. The oldest piece dates back to 1833 and the newest is from 20 years ago, creating a variety to see in the collection. Some of the paintings in the collection have not been on display at the museum yet and the Historical…

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Marine artwork attracts visitors to Winona’s art museum

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Michaela Gaffke / Winonan From now until November, the Minnesota Marine Art Museum will be displaying contemporary and historic marine artwork, as it celebrates “150 Years of Marine Art.” The work includes European, Canadian and American marine art of seascapes, harbors, ports, river scenes and portraits of a variety of steam and sail powered ships. The pieces currently on display range…

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THAD department presents Shakespeare production

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Gina Scott / Winonan Winona State University’s theatre and dance program will present their production of the Shakespearean play, “As You Like It,” from April 13 to 16 in the Vivian Fusillo Main Stage Theatre. Along with many returning actors, the show will feature some student actors who have yet to perform in a Winona State production, including first-year student Jake Leif. “I…

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Julia Crozier displays art on Saint Mary’s campus

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Michaela Gaffke / Winonan Local artist Julia Crozier is displaying her work in the Ben Miller Lobby at the Page Theatre on the Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota’s campus. Her works are on display every day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. until April 29. Nine pieces of artwork are on display: two chalk pastels, two oil pastels and five oil pastels. Crozier’s most represented subject reflects…

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“Dancescape 2016” in photo review

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After months of hard work, students, faculty, alumni and guest choreographers presented Dancescape’s 26th performance. The Winona State University department of theatre and dance showcased “Dancescape 2016” Feb. 18 to Feb. 20. The performances featured a collaboration of 15 modern dances in the Vivian Fusillo Main Stage on campus. Photos by Taylor…

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